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He Will Forever Be Missed

B. Roy Huggins



This site was created in memory of Roy Huggins who touched lives deeply, instantly. He was like a warm, gentle gravity well.

Roys Light Memory Quilt photo credit Lori Mason.jpg

Roy's Celebration of Life was on

Sunday May 29, 2022.
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Roy touched lives deeply, instantly. He was like a warm, gentle gravity well.

If you were our best friends talking to him up to minutes before his death, or you knew him years ago in high school or undergrad or grad school or Japan or on the ORCA board, if you so much as took a 30 minute Facebook Live course from him, he touched your life, and you felt how special he was, and how great a loss this is from the world. Even in the sense of opening up the Platonic feelings of “too soon” and “why the good ones?” and “can be so sudden”.

You have my absolute permission to grieve him. You have my absolute permission to talk here or on your post about how he affected you. He shaped lives and changed trajectories across continents and oceans. He was momentous. His heart warmed entire buildings. Of course you can grieve. Please share him with me.

-- Electra Allenton (Roy's wife)

Remembering Roy

Clicking through to this page shows you eulogies and testimonials of Roy's impact on the people in the world.

Please add your own if you choose, and read others'!

Click through to read a summary of Electra working with Lori Mason to design  a memory quilt made of his clothing (and a little supplemental fabric I never got around to making into masks).

Truth be told, Roy and Electra weren't into celebrity parody votive candles, but Electra thinks it's a conceptualization worth thinking about, reflecting how much he did and still does help people:
“Saint” Roy, patron of unwavering ethics, core-deep kindness, wise cunning, militant decency, belief in the possibility of humanity, with a hint of mischievous chaos.

Roy Loved Music - Here's two Spotify Playlists to feel his vibe

This Spotify Playlist, called "Songs that remind us of Roy" is collaborative. If you have a Spotify account, you can add songs that Roy introduced to you, that you shared with Roy, or that you always wanted to play for Roy, or that just remind you of him.

If you don't have a Spotify account, you can contact Electra (who is managing them) and she can add your song if it's available on the service.

This Spotify Playlist, called "Sounds like Roy's Room", is one that is controlled by Electra. She will be adding to it as she goes through their memories and consults with friends and co-workers about what music Roy liked to play while he worked and played and relaxed.

If you remember a song Roy played a lot, please contact Electra and she will add it, but she is hoping it will be a specific vibe and is therefore the main curator.  The vibe is: Roy is in the next room over, singing along.

His Life


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